Foot Systems is very excited to announce the opening of our

Foot & Ankle Osteoarthritis Clinic

What is unique about this clinic?

The Foot Systems Foot & Ankle OA Clinic is both a treatment center for the general public with foot & ankle osteoarthritis (OA), as well as a clinical research center investigating treatments for these conditions.

As such, the clinic is able to provide treatment based on the highest level of evidence for foot & ankle osteoarthritis. 

We assess and document carefully all aspects of your care and employ the latest techniques to best understand and treat your current pain - and to improve the health of your joints for the future. 

Over the next year, the Foot Systems Foot & Ankle OA clinic will partner with universities and c...

As of March 2019, we are pleased to offer skin & nail care services to new and existing patients.

Our services include the following:

Thickened nails



Ingrown toe nails 

Fungal infections

Even a simple professional tidy-up for beautiful feet is no problem - and a much more hygienic option than standard salons.  

For a special treat, come in a bit earlier for your appointment and have a free, relaxing foot bath before your treatment.

Our university trained podiatrists implement best-practice infection control procedures with sterilized instruments to reduce the chance of spreading fungal infections. 

For appointments, call us on 62 344 055

There are a few common features of what makes a good shoe. BUT, this isn't a black and white issue as different conditions and different activities may require a variation on these general guidelines.

The main features when shoe shopping to consider are:

1. THE HEEL CUP  - squeeze the heel up or counter that sits at the back of the shoe. It should be strong and deep enough to accommodate an orthotic if required.

2. THE WIDTH OF THE SOLE - soles that are narrower than the upper of the shoe - or narrower than the width of your foot - do not make for a stable base. Think of the sole like a house foundation. It needs to be as wide as the house to provide adequate support - especially in the arch area if you are injured.

3. A SHANK - this is how bendy th...

Did you know that the way you walk is one of the most common causes of knee arthritis? 

We are starting to get a better understanding of how the repetitive - and often uneven - stresses created in joints when you walk eventually wear them out over time - very much like the tyre wear on your car when the wheel alignment is out of balance.

If you have had an injury to the joint - like an ACL or meniscal tear, then you are even more likely to get arthritis in your knees.

So what if we wheel aligned people? Could we even-out the wear & tear, slow down arthritis & reduce knee pain?

Evidence suggests that maybe we can!

If you have had knee pain for a while, had a knee injury, or have been told you have early stage knee arthritis, th...

People often ask if they really need to break in their new orthotics. If they can hurry up the process. Well that depends on your nervous system!

The instructions to your muscles for walking, running and any other activity you do, come from your brain - and your brain is VERY interested in your feet. The position your feet are in, the sensations from your feet like pressure and texture, where your body weight is balancing on your feet, all this information is fed back to your brain all the time. Your brain digests this information and sends back corrections to the muscles based on this input. This is called sensorimotor control, or neuromotor control...actually we have many names for it but its about the information coming in modifying the i...

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