Our Thoughts on Football Boots for the 2018 Season

February 21, 2018


Practice matches are just around the corner. You’ve done the hard yards over the warm summer months, the training circuits and beep tests are out of the way and you’ve been doing full ground drills for a couple of weeks. Hopefully you have read our blog about pre season training footwear.


Now is the time to consider what boots you’ll wear for the upcoming season, and we have broken it down into a few categories. Please read through and see which category you fall into, and if you currently have a lower limb injury then you should contact us for further advice.


Generally, most boots purchased would be what we call dry ground boots. However, in Tasmania, where the weather gods often don’t smile upon us, these may lack some traction as a feature of dry ground boots are molded studs that are best used on dry ground. We like the ASICS boot range here for their 10mm heel raise which reduces stress on your calves and achilles, and the quality of their uppers means they are strong and durable.


Stand out boots for bigger, heavier key position players and ruck man is the Asics Lethal Ultimate which has a full EVA footbed that protects the foot and gives increased stability. This is essentially a runner with a molded sole. If you are injured, or at increased risk of injury, this can be a training shoe to reduce load or stress on your lower limb.


For midfielders and lighter key position players Asics Gel-Tigreor is a great option that is in the more traditional football boot style. It doesn’t have the forefoot section of the EVA footbed but still has that slight heel raise which benefits a lot of players and is less cumbersome. Asics have updated the stud configuration this year and we are hearing good things from early adopters and people in the know.


If you are a speedy and efficient running player that is currently not injured, then consider some of the more lightweight boots. Asics DS Speed is a good entry level boot that is stable and lightweight. A new shoe on the market this year, the Asics Menace, is lightweight and responsive and will suit agile and quick players, but beware of the synthetic upper leaking in wet conditions.


If you take your football seriously, it is always good in Tasmania to have a pair of long stops (or some might know them as screw ins) for those mid-winter games where we have had inches of rain, or the ground is just torn up and very loose under foot.


Asics Gel-Tigreor Studs is the same shoe as the firm ground version however just has a stop configuration for those soft grounds. The Asics Speed also comes in a soft ground option which is a nicer price point for a secondary pair of boots. Away from Asics, the only Nike boots we would recommend from a characteristic point of view are the Nike Premier and Nike Legend.


The Nike boots are stable, however we don’t like any of the high cut ankle boot options as we feel the reduction in fixation ie. laces lower on foot, makes the uppers less supportive and the foot moves more within the boot.  Give them a try and let us know, we prefer to focus on how they feel and how you perform rather than how cool they look.


If you are struggling for width in your football boot and often find that your boot tears on the outside of your foot, then the good news is that New Balance has released some of their boots this season in 2E/extra width fittings. New Balance Furon 3.0 K-Leather FG is the pick of the bunch here but try on the other options to find something to your liking.


Standard football boots that generally fit slightly wider are the Nike Premier and Asics Lethal Ultimate. We can also discuss various strategies to make sure your shoes are more comfortable.


We hope you have enjoyed our thoughts about the upcoming football boots options. If you are injured or had a lower limb injury last season then we really think we can help you manage this and keep you on the field for longer in 2018.

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