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About Us

About Us

We are a specialised podiatry practice located in central Hobart. Our practice focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of pain, injuries & osteoarthritis of the lower legs and feet - from kids through to seniors. We have over 30 years of combined podiatry experience and are active members of the Australian Podiatry Association, the Sports & Exercise Podiatry group & Sports Medicine Australia.




We have a strong commitment to providing and participating in continuing education and research to ensure our patients are provided with the best evidenced based care.

Please see our "Podiatrists" and "Information for Health Professionals" links for further information.



Narelle Wyndow

Professional Journey:


  • Podiatrist for over 25 years and a part-time researcher for 15 years.

  • Graduate Diploma in Human Movement Science and a Masters of Sports Medicine. 

  • Currently finishing off her PhD looking at how footwear and foot orthotics can improve kneecap arthritis pain. 

Fun facts:

  • A former Western Australian, Narelle hates cold weather but married a Tasmanian

  • Obsessed by dark chocolate

  • Loves all things aquatic (except sharks)

Professional Goals:

  • To complete her PhD and continue post doctoral research into footwear & foot orthoses treatments for lower limb conditions.

  • Translation of research into clinical practice with a particular emphasis on the use of "Footwear as Medicine"



Joe Brooks

Not who or what but why! 


Why does Joe want to be a podiatrist? 


He loves helping people, either to keep active, return to sport or rehabilitate post surgery. It also feeds his love of all sports. 


Why is Joe the state president of the podiatry association? 


He's passionate about the profession and expanding his knowledge. He realises that work in a health team gets the best for his patients but by being president he stays at the forefront of professional change.



Why does he live in Hobart? 


He was born here but moved away for many years. The pull of seeing his  brothers young children grow up was strong enough for him to return. He's pretty settled down here but wishes the Western Bulldogs played a bit closer to Hobart. 

Senior Podiatrist

Narelle Wyndow  female Podiatrist Hobart smiling with arms crossed
Dr Narelle Wyndow

Professional Journey:


  • Podiatrist with 30 years of experience & a part-time researcher for 20 years.

  • SEPA Board member 2023

  • PhD, Masters of Sports Medicine, Graduate Diploma in Human Movement Science, Dip.App.Sc. (Podiatry)

  • Narelle's PhD looked at how footwear and foot orthotics can improve kneecap arthritis pain. 

Fun facts:

  • A former Western Australian, Narelle hates cold weather but married a Tasmanian

  • Obsessed by dark chocolate

  • Loves all things aquatic (except sharks)

Professional Goals:

  • To continue post doctoral research into footwear & foot orthoses treatments for lower limb osteoarthritis.

  • Translation of research into clinical practice with a particular emphasis on the use of "Footwear as Medicine"




Marianne Wassef Hobart female Podiatrist smiling
Marianne Wassef

Professional Journey: 


  • Graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine (Honours).

  • After graduating bravely headed from metropolitan Sydney for a year in the middle of nowhere in mining metropolis of Kalgoorlie, WA and then to suburban Perth.

  • Currently researching ankle osteoarthritis & total ankle replacements in association with The University of Queensland.


Fun Facts: 


  • Loves her cat Fudge

  • Spends her weekends doing Oil painting for relaxation

  • Qualified as a make-up artist back in the day 

  • Loves the Tasmanian weather


Professional Goals:  


  • Maintain the highest standard of patient care.

  • Successfully undertake a PhD, under the supervision of the inspiring Dr Narelle

Allied Health Assistant

Sharon Newman

Professional Journey: 


  • Bachelor of Nursing with 15 years clinical experience.

  • Worked in acute care and midwifery in Tasmania.

  • Took a break to expand her family.

  • Has worked as a community support worker.


Fun Facts: 


  • An avid mountain bike rider

  • has been a patient of Narelle's for 8 years.

  • has a beehive that produced 20 litres of honey in its first year.

Professional Goals:

  • To pass on some of the knowledge I've learned with Narelle.


Advanced Foot Care Nurse

Barbara Watson best podiatrist Hobart
Barbara Watson

Professional Journey: 


  • Over 30 years of clinical experience

  • Travelled to the United States to undertake the American Foot Care Nursing course

  • Runs her own mobile foot care home business for people unable to get to foot health care practices.

  • Has over 10 years of foot care expertise


Fun Facts: 


  • Was a major in the army!

Professional Goals:

  • To develop the foot care services provided by registered nurses to complement podiatric care.


Information for New Patients

Information for New Patients

Thank you for choosing Foot Systems as part of your health care team.


  • Your first appointment for musculoskeletal assessment with Marianne Wassef will be up to one & a half hours long so that we have plenty of time to get a thorough history from you and assess your condition.

  • We have introduced a different model of care for new patients seeing Dr Wyndow. Your first appointment will be with our Podiatry Assistant who will record your medical history, perform an assessment on the pressure mat and take a 3D scan of your feet. At your subsequent appointment with Dr Wyndow, an overall assessment with treatment recommendations will be made. 

  • It is helpful to wear clothing that can be easily rolled up over your knees so that we can better assess your movement when walking.

  • Please also bring any footwear that you wear regularly such as work shoes, running shoes, casual weekend shoes and shoes worn at home (including slippers!). Old shoes are very helpful to us in determining how these shoes may have contributed to your current condition. Old shoes also show very useful wear patterns to help us determine how you move in them.


  • If you haven't filled out the emailed online new patient form, please arrive 10 minutes early to complete the paper version. Parking can be found on Collins Street in metered bays and the TMAG and Market Place car parks are near by.

  • You will usually receive a text reminder about your appointment the day before - however please do not rely on this only as computers are not always reliable!

  • We have HICAPS to claim direct through your health fund and EFTPOS facilities for VISA, Master Card and American Express. 

We understand that sometimes circumstances change quickly and you are not able to attend your appointment. Your appointment time is valuable and we have many people on waiting lists who would love to have your appointment if given enough notice. We ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice if unable to attend so that we may offer the appointment to someone else.

Our Services

Our Services

Sports Podiatry

Our Services

Knee Foot & Ankle Osteoarthritis

Through her PhD, Narelle has become fascinated by osteoarthritis in the legs and feet. By trying to identifying -  and change - the abnormal movements causing the wear and tear on the arthritic area, podiatry treatments may be able to reduce the pain caused by arthritis. Podiatry treatments may also be able to slow down the rate that arthritis progresses and improve your how active you can be without pain.   

Paediatric Podiatry

Knee Foot & Ankle Osteoarthritis

Knee, Foot & Ankle Osteoarthritis

Podiatry treatments can help to reduce the pain caused by arthritis in the feet & ankles, potentially slow down the rate that arthritis progresses as well as improving how active you can be without pain. Foot Systems expert podiatrists research & treat foot & ankle arthritis.

We are able to provide:
1. Assessment of how your movement might be creating wear & tear on your joints
2. Advise on footwear choices based on research evidence
3. Provide a variety of orthotics to help change abnormal muscle & joint stresses 
4. Walking re-eduation to help you reduce impact on your arthritic joints
5. Stretching & strengthening exercises   

Conditions we treat

  • Knee Osteoarthritis

  • Ankle Osteoarthritis

  • Midfoot Osteoarthritis

  • 1st toe Osteoarthritis

Sports, Health & Exercise

Foot Systems Director Dr Wyndow has 30 years of experience in treating & researching sports injuries. Dr Wyndow provides sports & exercise podiatry services to people of all levels of activity - from our national level cricket & basketball teams, to the sporty kids or even those simply wanting a more comfortable 30 minute stoll around the block. 

We are able to provide:
1. Assessment of your walking & running patterns

2. Advise on footwear choices
3. Provide a variety of orthotics to help change abnormal muscle & joint stresses 
4. Walking & running pattern re-eduation
5. Stretching & strengthening exercises

Conditions we treat

  • Knee cap pain

  • Shin pain

  • Ankle pain

  • Heel & Arch pain

  • Ball of foot pain

General Foot Care,
Medical Pedicures

(Medi Pedis)
& Nail Surgery

Our Foot Care Nurse Barbara Watson (RN) offers general foot care appointments and  also medical pedicures with nail lacquer and massage at the end for a special treat.

We use only the best polishes and products and employ only the highest standards of infection control.

We are able to provide:
1. Nail cutting and hard skin removal 
2. Premium Dazzle Dry nail varnishes
3. Kery Flex nail restoration for damaged or partially missing toenails (additional initial kit cost of $80)
4. Advice on skin and nail conditions

5. Relaxing foot massage to finish off 

6. Where deemed appropriate our Podiatrist can perform nail surgery to permanently treat ingrown toenails

Conditions we treat

  • Nail problems (thickened, ingrown)

  • Corns and callouses

  • Dry skin and rashes (e.g. tinea)

  • Foot beautifying!

Information for Health Professionals

Information for Health Professionals








Information for Health Professionals

Narelle has been actively researching lower leg biomechanics and neuromuscular control for the last 20 years. She has a particular interest in how foot and ankle features affect lower limb function and how foot orthoses and footwear may impact positively on lower limb function and pathology.


Her Masters topic investigated changes in neuromuscular activation patterns  - and the effects of foot orthoses on these patterns -  in long distance runners with Achilles Tendinopathy. The first studies of her PhD investigated how foot and ankle features - such as increased foot mobility and reduced calf range - impact on knee function. The second part of her PhD was a pilot RCT of footwear and foot orthoses in patellofemoral osteoarthritis. Results of this study demonstrated that both orthoses and prescribed footwear were effective at improving pain in people with PF OA. As part of this RCT, participants had MRIs taken before and after the footwear, or footwear + orthoses interventions. Changes in bone marrow lesion (BML) volume before and after the interventions were measured and found that BML volume can be reduced by ~25% with footwear and foot orthoses alone. As BMLs are associated with pain and increased rate of progression of knee osteoarthritis, any treatment that can reduce their size is clinically valuable.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any topic, or would like a full text version of published research.

For a full list of Narelles publications, click on the following link to ResearchGate



Contact Us

Foot Systems Podiatry
17 Campbell Street, 
Hobart Tasmania 7000

Success! Message received.

Professional Fees

Podiatry services are eligible for rebates from all major private health funds under extras cover, provided you have an appropriate level of cover with your fund. The rebate amounts are determined solely by the health fund and not your podiatrist. Quotes and item codes for specific services, including orthotics, are available from Administration staff prior to your appointment (or your podiatrist at your initial appointment). Then you can check with your health fund what you can claim. 

We aim to offer the best podiatric care, with passionate and engaged staff, and using the latest technology and research. Currently,  Foot Systems Professional Fees are set on 2 scales to reflect the relative experience and postgraduate qualifications of our team. 

We are also able to assist people who have Team Care Arrangements (TCAs),  Workers Compensation Claims, MAIB claims etc. Also, DVA Gold and White (podiatry related) Card holders are fully covered.

Professional Fees
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