Foot Systems Online Podiatry Services

Consult with Foot Pain Health Experts Online 

Did you know that at least 80% of your treatment can be done via Telehealth from the comfort of your own home? 


1. Using Telehealth we can get a detailed new patient HISTORY

2. ASSESS your footwear

3. REVIEW xrays or MRIs online with you

4. TEST leg balance and strength, ankle flexibility

5. Simple GAIT ASSESSMENT - simply place your phone or laptop/camera on the ground!

6. FIT orthotics

7. REVIEW orthotics, exercises, pain and function

8. EXERCISE prescription using Physitrack for a individual program delivered straight to your phone or laptop

9. Encrypted, secure connections using COVIU - the leading Telehealth provider

Conditions that can be helped via Telehealth include:

1. Foot and ankle osteoarthritis

2. Heel pain

3. Ball of foot pain 

4. Knee pain

5. Running & sport related injuries 

To join a Telehealth consult, you simply need to click on the link in the email we send you prior to your consultation time which will connect you through to your podiatrists virtual waiting room. There is no need to download or sign up to anything beforehand.