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Foot Systems Telehealth Consultations

Consult with Foot Pain Health Expert Dr Narelle Wyndow Online 

Did you know that at least 70% of your NEW PATIENT CONSULTATION can be done via Telehealth? 

During a 60 minute New Patient Telehealth consultation, Dr Wyndow can:


1. Get a detailed new patient HISTORY

2. Review your FOOTWEAR 

3. Review XRAYS or MRIs online with you

4. Test leg BALANCE & STRENGTH, ankle FLEXIBILITY using your phone/laptop camera

5. Undertake a visual GAIT ASSESSMENT


At the end of the consultation Dr Wyndow can advise on:

1. FOOTWEAR recommendations for your condition

2. Provide an individual EXERCISE prescription using online video exercise programs and apps delivered straight to your phone or laptop

3. Discuss other strategies for FOOT CARE e.g. chemist products, load management advice

4. Determine whether you may benefit from FOOT ORTHOTIC treatments, and if so what type may best suit you



After the New Patient Consultation, if your condition is one of the many that may benefit from custom foot orthoses AND you are able to attend the Foot Systems practice, a half hour in-person consultation is all that is required to take pressures scans and 3D foot shapes from which to start making your custom orthoses.    

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