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Osteoarthritis in the knees - a case of bad wheel alignment?

Did you know that the way you walk is one of the most common causes of knee arthritis?

We are starting to get a better understanding of how the repetitive - and often uneven - stresses created in joints when you walk eventually wear them out over time - very much like the tyre wear on your car when the wheel alignment is out of balance.

If you have had an injury to the joint - like an ACL or meniscal tear, then you are even more likely to get arthritis in your knees.

So what if we wheel aligned people? Could we even-out the wear & tear, slow down arthritis & reduce knee pain?

Evidence suggests that maybe we can!

If you have had knee pain for a while, had a knee injury, or have been told you have early stage knee arthritis, then it may be worth having your walking pattern/wheel alignment assessed. The right footwear and in many instances, foot orthoses, can improve your "wheel alignment" while walking. The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence recommends footwear and foot orthoses as important non-surgical treatments for knee osteoarthritis. This has been the topic of my PhD and is my major interest area at the practice. So lets see if we can help!

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