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Football Pre-Season Footwear

While the cricket is in full ‘swing’ and dominating our TV screens with the primetime test match cricket, our footballers are getting back into pre-season.

The thought of pre-season generally brings up nightmares of beep tests (or YoYo test, its new incarnation), lots of distance running, circuits of push ups and sit ups, and if you are very lucky, some hill sprints.

It's our job to advise you on what shoes to think about wearing for the football pre-season.

Follow these steps to reduce your risk of injury:

1. Take both your runners and your football boots to pre-season training. Different activities require different shoes.

2. When running, wear runners of reasonable age. Anything over 12 months old should be replaced.

3. As soon as the balls come out, or for any task that involves changing direction, change to your football boots.

4. If you’re replacing your shoes, and you’re only running for football pre season training, consider a trail running shoe. Think Brooks Cascadia, Brooks Adrenaline, Asics Trabuco to name a few. These will grip the grass more and will still be able give you the benefits of a running shoe.

5. If you are doing sprint training then you can consider a lightweight runner, e.g. Asics DS Trainer

6. If doing anything over 2-3kms, consider a ‘traditional’ heavy runner, e.g. Asics GT 2000

Different shoes, different running speeds, different biomechanics and different activities all increase stress on different parts of your body. If you are unsure about what shoes would be best for you, then please come and speak to us for further advice.

A good wheel alignment at the beginning of the season may help ensure you get to finish the season!

As you are increasing your workload after a period of rest, new pain or problems may present during this increase in training. If they don't settle after a week, then please come and speak to us about ways to manage your current issues.

Will follow up this blog in early 2018 with a blog about the offerings of Football boots, what we like, what we don’t like - and everything in between.

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