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Medi Pedis are here! The Ultimate in Foot Care and Aesthetics

Updated: May 11, 2022

Yes thats right! Hygienic, expert treatment of nails & skin conditions with a pampering massage & premium non-toxic nail varnish to finish off!

Offering the highest level of hygiene & infection control:

1. Our Podiatrist and Foot Care Nurse only use instruments sterilised according to national health practitioner guidelines AND our sterilisation process was designed by staff with university level microbiology qualifications

2. No reuse of nail varnishes on others - you choose your colour and we hygienically store it for you and you only.

3. Only nail varnishes meeting strict non-toxic, sustainable and ethical certifications are used. No harming you - or the environment. 4. One-on-one consultations in private rooms - no noisy, rushed services in crowded spaces.

We are also able to provide nail restoration services using the Keryflex System - this enables use to recreate a flexible artificial toe nail for damaged and partially missing toe nails.

For appointments for this exciting new service, please call for 62 344 055 further details or book online!

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